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About Me

Wendy is a ball of light who helps people in various ways reconnect back to themselves and their highest purpose. She’s a gifted intuitive reader who has read for thousands of people around the world with astounding results. 


Her mission is to help people forgive and move into more compassion for all beings. She believes we are all intuitive and helps people remember their intuitive gifts. 

Pure Heart Sessions out in the world:

Otherworld is a podcast that tells real stories of people who have experienced something paranormal or unexplainable. Host Jack Wagner takes an open minded and journalistic approach to the subject matter and aims to uncover some of the biggest mysteries of the world and how people react to it. Jack is the best part of our left brains- he approaches the paranormal w logic, assessing situations - he wants to be informed.

I am featured on Episodes 22 & 23 "The Ball of Light Parts 1 & 2" and I am mentioned in Episode 20 "The Black Widow." In Episodes 22 and 23 me and my family explain my kundalini awakening and Episode 20 tells the story of how I first met Jack.


Otherworld Podcast

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